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Michael Mann of ATP Munich addressed the Network Conference on the prize-winning architectural solution of Daimler’s AIZ/RZ.

Stuttgart, 28th March 2019 – The Network Conference of Baukultur Baden-Württemberg focused on strategies for and examples of major building investments and their infrastructural and architectural parameters – a challenge that we at ATP face in our everyday work.

One example of this is the integrated design of the Powertrain Integration Center and Computer Center (AIZ and RZ) at Daimler’s Sindelfingen facility, which was masterminded by the ATP architect Michael Mann. In his lecture addressing the thematic block “Processes, Energy, Area. Efficiency as a principle.” Mann used this innovative project to demonstrate how an intelligent solution inspired by ATP could make a significant contribution to the strategic development of a company:

“One enormous challenge in designing Daimler’s AIZ and RZ was the limited area available to the two – originally – autonomous buildings. Given the background of the merging of the different functional areas in one building combined with the maintenance of complete autonomy, the stacking of the two functions was the method of choice,” said Mann.

In his lecture, Mann also clarified the advantages of early integrated interaction and the need to see building and design tasks as shared challenges that are best served by the commitment of and networking between all participants.

About the project
The AIZ acts as a testing center for cars and is equipped with a high-altitude chamber, six roller test beds, and three ATS test beds for vehicles. It is connected to offices, workshops, and storage and vehicle conditioning areas. With its innovative cooling system the RZ offers around 2,300 square meters of highly energy-efficient server space.

Last year, ATP was awarded an honorable mention under the auspices of the Industrial Building Prize of Baden Württemberg, which recognizes outstanding industrial and commercial architecture.

    A particularly impressive feature of the Daimler AIZ/RZ is the unusual stacking of the two functional units. Photo: ATP/Becker



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