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ATP health - Integrated design for the health sector

ATP health is a specialist design company of the ATP Group that specializes in the design of medical facilities, pharmacies, laboratories, research institutions, and industrial kitchens.

With its user-oriented design approach, ATP health establishes the foundations for the operational success of your facility and makes a decisive contribution to the well-being of both users and employees. Regardless of whether we are working for you as an independent specialist planner or an integrated designer, ATP health will develop the optimal solution. From the initial concept via the organizational planning and machinery and equipment planning to construction management, we deliver all services from a single source. For public and private clients and for projects of every scale. When you work with ATP health you benefit from the decades of experience of planning for the health sector that we have already successfully applied to countless projects.  


Our services

  • Organizational and operational planning
    with a special focus on functional areas with large amounts of equipment
  • Design of floor plans: Development of a forward-looking spatial and structural concept, feasibility studies of room sizes in connection with operational sequences and machinery and equipment, process-optimized spatial sequences
  • Execution design using BIM technology: 3D-views showing technical equipment, elevational views of media interfaces, list of interfaces with performance values
  • Cost-based room book of the technical equipment
  • Scheduling
  • Tender processes in line with EU guidelines
  • Construction management
  • Controlling: Schedule tracking, cost tracking, settlement of individual trades

Are you looking for a wider range of design and constructional expertise in the areas of architecture and structural and building services engineering?

While we are free to choose our own specialist partners, as part of the ATP Group we also have the option of turning to the integrated design expertise of ATP architects engineers. This offers you the opportunity to benefit from our over 50 years of design know-how and the expertise of more than 1,700 architects and engineers at our 14 European offices.



Our areas of specialist design expertise

  • Specialist medical technology design

    Are you planning to build or optimize a hospital or a functional or service area in a clinic? Do you attach importance to the optimal support of clinical processes and the well-being of patients?

    ATP health plans and designs hospitals, specialist clinics, and every type of specialist clinical facility. In dialogue with all project partners we develop a forward-looking, functional, and operationally optimal building structure, which best meets the technical and medical demands of every project.


  • Specialist laboratory design

    Are you looking for an experienced specialist designer of medical and scientific laboratories, who understands and can meet all process-related, constructional, and safety requirements?

    Due to the technical complexity and quantity of legal and operational parameters the design of laboratories requires extensive specialist design know-how. With our experience and detailed knowledge of central processes we can contribute to the creation of a safe and optimal working environment for your staff and ensure that your facility is as successful as you hope.


  • Specialist pharmacy design

    Are you planning to build or optimize a hospital pharmacy with its own medicine production and all related logistics and storage facilities?

    Regardless of whether you are planning a new building or a refurbishment ATP health designs and plans hospital pharmacies with all the essential additional and adjacent facilities, such as medicine production, storage, and commissioning areas.


  • Specialist kitchen technology design

    Are you looking for a specialist designer, who will support you in the design of a high-performance industrial kitchen, a staff restaurant, or a visitor cafeteria?

    Industrial kitchens make the highest demands in terms of effective and hygienic working and operational sequences. Optimal plans, well-thought-through detailed solutions and the targeted selection of technical equipment ensure efficiency and have a very positive impact on quality. In addition to this an inviting and functional serving solution and free flow areas make a decisive contribution to the well-being of your staff and guests.



Armin Wentzler
Armin Wentzler

Dipl.-Ing. | Architect
Managing Director

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