Building Information Modelling

BIM - Digital Integrated Design

Building Information Modeling (BIM) stands for the digital representation of all architectural, technical, physical and functional properties of a building structure in a central electronic data model. Here, the data from the briefing, design, construction and operation through alteration and conversion to demolition are recorded, stored and updated. The continual recording and processing of data from all design processes from the first idea through to facility management enable precise predictions to be made for the construction and lifecycle costs of a building.

Why should you as client request an integrated BIM design process?            

  • Better basis for your design decisions
  • 3D visualizations and virtual walk-throughs in the BIM model
  • Simulation and prognosis of future operating costs at an early design stage
  • Fast cost prognoses possible at any time
  • Smooth project progress by means of collision-free design
  • Reduction of non-budgeted changes (up to 40%)
  • Shortening of the overall duration of the project
  • Full support of sustainability certification
  • Basis for efficient computer-aided facility management (CAFM)
  • Full record documentation of the project

The ATP design philosophy and the logical representation of the causal relationship:

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