Interfaces become Seams

All key information for the operation, maintenance and repair of a complex building are fed into a multidimensional building model in the interests of smooth facility management (CAFM)

Working simultaneously creates additional value for all involved. Classic barriers between those involved in the design process become gateways that facilitate collision-free design and construction.

The data model enables a central data base to generate all necessary analogue images and digital evaluations.

  • 2-dimensional drawings for approval and execution
  • 3-dimensional drawings for visualization and simulation
  • Timetables and cost plans for control and budget monitorin
  • Analyses, evaluations and statistics for the tender process

Last but not least, the handover of the building has been transformed from a barrier into a gateway, because all the important data required for the operation, repair and maintenance of a complex building are now recorded and ready to facilitate smooth facility management (CAFM).

BIM - Multi-dimensional building model
BIM - Multi-dimensional building model

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