Resorts of the future

Dario Travaš on the podium at the Real Estate Belgrade Exhibition & Conference.

Belgrade, 17th –19th June 2019“A modern tourism resort has to be more than just a provider of accommodation”. Dario Travaš, ATP Partner in Zagreb, received much applause for this statement at the Real Estate Belgrade Exhibition & Conference (REBEC). He was one of the international experts on the podium discussing risks, opportunities, and trends in resort development in the SEE Region, a subject that could not be more up to date due to the current rapid growth of the tourism infrastructure.

Due to his extensive expertise in hotel and resort design Travaš was one of the key voices at the conference. “The demands upon hotel resorts have changed enormously”, says the Managing Director of ATP Zagreb and Head of Design in Vienna. “The issue of sustainability plays just as decisive a role as the socio-cultural context of the resort and the high quality of the architecture.” As a successful example he presented Prim Bay Resort in the Croatian coastal town of Primosten, which was integrally designed with BIM by ATP. This was conceived to reinvigorate the area around “Maras” bay and offer tourists an attractive holiday destination. The entire complex is conceived as a “traffic-free oasis”.

The Real Estate Belgrade Exhibition and Conference – established in 2008 – is a professional platform, whose objective is to support the Southern European real estate market. The three-day event is based on a theme that is shared by the exhibition and the conference. The podium discussions, with their high quality speakers, seek to offer as broad an insight as possible into the Southern European real estate market and support economic growth by encouraging new investors.

ATP Partner Dario Travaš (center) on the podium of the Real Estate Belgrade Conference & Exhibition. Photo: Dragan Mujan
The best practice example Prim Bay Resort, integrally designed by ATP Zagreb. Visualization: ATP/ZOOMVP



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