Dinner is served!

magdas, the socially and ecologically influential industrial kitchen designed by ATP, has opened in Vienna.

Vienna, 28th February 2019 – There was some serious cooking going on today in magdas kitchen, the subsidiary of Caritas in Vienna-Liesing that was integrally designed by ATP. We were joined by the clients and guests from in and around Vienna to celebrate the opening of what must be Austria’s most sustainable industrial kitchen.

In line with our integrated design culture no member of the team had only been interested in their own part of the menu – and everyone could taste the difference. The positive conclusion drawn by all project participants in a discussion with journalists was that ATP and magdas fit together like a pan and its lid.

“Good architecture is only possible in partnership with a good client”, was the delighted résumé of Associate Partner Heinz Lindner and Lead Project Manager Florian Schaller of ATP Vienna regarding the professional cooperation with Caritas.

During the course of a guided tour of the facility guests were convinced by such features as the excellent energy concept of ATP sustain. The heat pumps of the energy-efficient building, whose offices are heated using air extracted from the cooling plant, was one of the factors that led to the icing on the cake of the unconventional industrial project: An ÖGNB Gold certificate with 961 out of a possible 1,000 points, which highlights the special sustainable quality of the industrial kitchen.

“The powerful tool of integrated design enabled us to successfully transform our architectural and engineering expertise into sustainable and commercial responsibility. We were able to complete the industrial kitchen project on-time, to-budget, and in line with all quality requirements” says Horst Reiner, Managing Director of ATP Vienna, underlining the ideal combination of social engagement and economic success on the part of all project participants.

The architect Heinz Lindner answers the questions of the interested journalists. Photo: Julia Geiter
The designers had steam coming out of their ears – now it’s the turn of the cups and the pots. Photo: Julia Geiter



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