1st Prize for a multifunctional urban quarter

ATP Munich wins a competition process for the station complex in Rosenheim

Rosenheim, 30th April 2019 – During the course of a press conference the City of Rosenheim and the project developer Sontowski & Partner presented the results of the competition for the development of the site of the North Station, which was organized and judged in 2018. The idea is to develop the three building plots into a new urban quarter. The winning project, which was integrally designed by ATP Munich, solves the fascinating urban planning challenge with a refined mix of functions and the conscious use of greenery.

A new quality of urban planning for Rosenheim
“For me, today is a special day”
said a delighted mayor Gabriele Bauer, opening the press conference. “The final major building blocks for the redevelopment of the station site have now been put into place. This zoning plan will give the urban planning and commercial quality of the city center an incalculable boost. It opens the door to a whole new quality of urban planning for our city.”

The reinvigoration of the station site
The concept repositions the site of the North Station: Due to its location the quarter represents a new “entrance to the city”, which is important in urban planning terms as well as highly significant for the future of Rosenheim. The mix of uses brings life to the entire zone. Alongside office and commercial areas there are also plans for retail space, housing for students and senior citizens, and a hotel. The project will start with the development of an office tower with a height of around 40 meters and of a parking garage surrounded by greenery.

The entire development is accompanied by a comprehensive planting concept. Florian Beck, Head of Design at ATP Munich, emphasizes the importance of the greenery for the inner-city setting: “Our concept creates a wide range of private and public green spaces with an excellent visitor experience: high-quality open spaces and pocket parks, courtyards and urban squares.” With the result, says the architect and urban planner, that greenery is the integrating element of the entire quarter.

Die vertikale Fassadenbegrünung des quartierseigenen Parkhauses wird zum Eyecatcher. Visualisierung: ATP/Sontowski & Partner Group
The vertical planting of the façades of the quarter’s own parking garage will catch the eye. Visualization: ATP/Sontowski & Partner Group
Von Westen kommend markiert der 40 Meter hohe Büroturm die „herausragende“ Adresse. Visualisierung: ATP/Sontowski & Partner Group
Dominating the entrance to the city for visitors coming from the west, the 40-meter-high office tower will be an “outstanding” address. Visualization: ATP/Sontowski & Partner Group



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