Завод компании Doka в Липецке

Прошла церемония открытия липецкого завода Doka, спроектированного компанией АТП ТЛП.

Липецк, 5 сентября 2019 года – Состоялась церемония торжественного открытия завода компании Doka в Липецке, полностью спроектированного ООО "АТП ТЛП архитекторы и инженеры". Это первый завод по производству опалубки австрийской компании за пределами ЕС.

Мы анализируем потребности заказчика, прежде чем приступать к проектированию

Австрийская компания "Дока ГмбХ"

Doka GmbH is one of the world’s leading developers, manufacturers, and operators of formwork technology. The partner of the construction industry shares with ATP the guiding principle of “learning from tradition”. And we understand each other. Because at the start of the design process Doka’s engineers invited us to their Amstetten plant, where we were able to intensely examine all aspects of the core processes of such a facility. “This introduction to Doka technology enabled us to perfectly transfer the high functionality and flexibility requirements to our building concept”, said Karl Pein, Managing Director of ATP TLP Moscow.

More room for the future
The silver building with a stripe of Doka yellow glows on the outside while, on the inside, the design decision-making was strictly functional. The heart of building is the 3,500 m2 hall in which Doka produces formwork with a capacity of around 65,000 m² for Russia and for markets with similar requirements. Open, light-flooded office areas and an employee canteen with an open-air terrace are located right next door.

“The completion of our new production facility also represents our commitment to sustainability and in-house production. This will both enhance our independence and strengthen our competitiveness”, explained Manfred Jungwirth, Doka’s Director of Production Business Development at the opening ceremony.

The company plans to expand the volume of the building even further by 2020 in order to increase competitiveness in Russia and take advantage of the enormous potential of the Russian market. ATP TLP Moscow has also been commissioned to plan this expansion.

    [Translate to Russian:] Feierliche Eröffnung – das von ATP geplante Doka-Werk in Lipezk ist fertiggestellt. Foto: Doka
    [Translate to Russian:] Feierliche Eröffnung – Der von ATP geplante Doka-Standort in Lipetsk ist fertiggestellt. Foto: Doka
    [Translate to Russian:] Das neue Gebäude ist auf eine Kapazität von rund 65.000 m² Schalungen ausgelegt. Foto: Doka
    [Translate to Russian:] Das neue Gebäude ist auf eine Kapazität von rund 65.000 m² Schalungen ausgelegt. Foto: Doka



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