Archive Lectures


Lecture by Christoph M. Achammer, „2. Münchner Kolloquium Modularer Hausbau“, 22nd - 26th November 2016

Congress IG Lebenszyklus Bau and awarding of the first Lebenszyklus-Award, with Christoph M. Achammer, 17th November 2016

Lecture by Robert Kelca on the subject Cura Cosmetics, „Bau und Betrieb von Logistikimmobilien“, November 10th 2016

Lecture by Christoph M. Achammer on the subject "Handel ist Wandel – in jeder Beziehung", ACSC-Congress 2016, Vienna, October 19th 2016

Lecture by Christoph M. Achammer on the subject "Haus der Zukunft"-Symposium, June 28th 2016

Congress with Dario Travas, "SMART PROJECTS“, Hotel Esplanade, Zagreb, April 20th 2016

Discussion with Stefan Bosshard on the subject „Mischt BIM die Karten neu?“ Städtebau-Stammtisch hochparterre, Swissbau Basel, Arena Halle 1.0 Süd, Basel, January 12th 2016

Lecture by Gerd Maurer on the Subject: „Integrale Planung mit BIM - Lebenszyklusorientierte Betrachtungsweise“, Bau und Betrieb von Logistikimmobilien, Krefeld, 20th - 21st October 2015

Lecture by Gerd Maurer on the subject: „Integrated design with BIM“. Autodesk University Germany 2015, Darmstadt, 13th - 14th October 2015

Lecture by Siegfried Loewenguth on the subject: „Notwendigkeit der Koordination des Prozessmanagements und Planung anhand eines internationalen Beispiels. 5. Kongress „Klinikimmobilie der nächsten Generation“, Frankfurt, 24th June 2015

Lecture by Dario Travas on the subject: „Office Space Evolution“. Leaders in Architecture CEE&CIS 2015 Summit, Warsaw, 1st – 2nd June 2015

Christoph M. Achammer on the subject „Integrated Design – BIM“. 8th Camillo-Sitte-Symposium. Camillo Sitte Lehranstalt, Vienna, 10.03.2015

Christoph M. Achammer on the subject “Architecture – integrated processes with creative innovation”. Ulmer Betontage 2015. Neu Ulm, 26.02.2015

Christoph Achammer on the subject „Integrated Design and Building Information Management – Back to the Future with a 21st century Tool“. The Future of Building, Expert Forum at BAU 2015. Munich Messe, 20.01.2015

Christoph Achammer on the subject „Integrated Design with BIM“.1st Austrian BIM Congress – The Changing Face of Building. Austrian National Library, Vienna, 17.11.2014

Christoph M. Achammer on the subject “The Development of Retail and Industrial Real Estate”. Real Estate Project Development Seminar, Austria Standards. AS Meeting Center, Vienna, 06.11.2014

Olaf Hermann on the subject “Magic Houdini or breaking the chains of Revit” during the Revit Technology Conference (RTCEUR), Dublin Castle, Dublin, 30.10-01.11.2014

Christoph M. Achammer on the subject “Lifecycles need process innovation and new scopes of work”. 4th Congress of the IG Lebenszyklus Hochbau, WKO Austria, Vienna, 29.10.2014

Christoph Achammer on the subject: “Optimo Green – the sustainable hospital”, autumn meeting of the Association of Hospital Directors, Bad Kreuznach, 10.10.2014

Christoph Achammer on the subject: “Integrated design in international industrial building”, IREM Stuttgart, TU Vienna, 09.10.2014

Christoph Achammer on the subject: “Process and logistics optimization – the other sort of efficiency improvement”. Event organized by Standort Tirol: “Energy Efficiency in the Food Industry”, MPREIS Service Center, Völs bei Innsbruck, 29.09.2014

Christoph M. Achammer on the subject “Lifecycle orientation as a strategy for sustainability”. Facility Congress 2014, Vienna 26.06.2014

Gerd Maurer on the subject of “BIM – All in One: Digital Integrated Design” during “Building in Progress. Integrated Processes in Building”. Residenz Würzburg, 24.06.2014

Christoph M. Achammer on the subject “Properly designed – healthy, sustainable and cost-efficiently built”. Green IQ “Healthy building – healthy living. Dream or reality?” aspern IQ, Seestadtstr. 127, 1220 Vienna, 13.06.2014

Christoph M. Achammer on the subject “International Construction Project Management” during the teaching seminar of the same name, TU Vienna, 11.06.2014

Stefan Bossard, Jakob Hirn, Matthias Spiss on the subject “BIM as a logical consequence in the integrated design process of ATP architects engineers” during the MuMVision 2014. Camps Sursee Seminarzentrum AG, 05.06.2014

Christoph Achammer on the subject “Refurbishment”: Panel discussion during the Expert Congress “Sustainable building and refurbishment”, Construction Sector Day, Austrian Economic Chambers, Vienna, 27.05.2014

Christoph M. Achammer on the subject “Plan it smart! Clever solutions for ‘Smart Cities’ as part of the “Real Corp 2014. 19th International Conference on Urban Design and Regional Development in the Information Society. WKO, Vienna, 21.-23.05.2014

Thomas Mattesich on the subject “Competition between retail locations”. GCSC ThinkTank – Podium discussion. DSCF German Shopping Center Forum 2014. Hyatt Regency. Dusseldorf, 16.05.2014

Christoph M. Achammer on the subject “The role of architecture in the lifecycle approach – a location decision”. 13th annual meeting “Public Private Partnership”. IHK, Frankfurt am Main, 6.05.2014

Michael Haugeneder on the subject: “Energy efficiency: examples of certification in the health sector”. Institute for International Research, Vienna, 12.03.2014

Michael Haugeneder on the subject “Healthy building as part of the integrated design process”. As part of the workshop “Healthy building and living. Medical necessity or marketing strategy?” Austrian Academy for Occupational Health and Prevention. Akademie Weizer Parkett, Styria, 06.03.2014

Christoph M. Achammer on the subject “Industry 4.0 – Building for the factory of tomorrow”. DEUBAUKOM, Messe Centrum Essen, 16.01.2014

Jakob Hirn on the subject “CAD vs. BIM” during the event “CAD vs. BIM – Drawing or Modeling?” Leopold Franzens University, Innsbruck, 13.01.2014

Michael Haugeneder: "blueCARD for Sofitel and Stilwerk". blueBUILT 2013. Lessons learned, University of Natural Resources and  Life Sciences, Vienna, 12.04.2013

Michael Haugeneder: "Energy Efficiency in Industrial Buildings. A Holistic View of Energy in Industry"
Matthias Wehrle: "HILTI Building in Thüringen, Vorarlberg"

Horst Reiner: "Project 'IQ' – Office Building in Aspern"

"We go Green – A Conference about the New Building and Refurbishment of Office and Industrial Buildings” of the Arch+Ing Akademie, Erste Bank Event Center, Vienna, 08.04.2013

Gerd Maurer: “Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Industrial Buildings – a Designer’s View” Arbeitsgemeinschaft Industriebau Regionalkreis Süd, Neuburg/Donau 21.02.2013

Hannes Achammer: "Aspern IQ - the Path to Plus". BauZ! 2013 - The Vienna Congress on Sustainable Building, Messe Kongresscenter Vienna, 22.02.2013

Christoph M. Achammer: "Architecture in the 21st Century: 'The Path to Good Buildings'".16:15. CIMMIT 2013, 23rd Annual Opening Congress of the Real Estate Industry, Hilton, Frankfurt, 24.01.2013

Michael Haugeneder: "The Challenge – Existing Buildings from the Viewpoint of 'Sustainable Building'". e-nova 2012, Campus Pinkafeld, 23.11.2012

Horst Reiner: Lecture in the frame of the Lecture Series "Interdisciplinary and interactive working in architecture",  FH Joanneum Graz, 21.11.2012

Wolfgang Wildauer: "Aspern IQ". Green IQ – Building with Vision: Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Aspern IQ, Vienna, 15.11.2012

Christoph M. Achammer: "Sustainable, economical construction – is building for the long-term an unaffordable utopia?". IIR-Congress "Facility Management in Hospitals", Twin Tower in Vienna, 23.10.2012

Gustav Trefil: „G3 Shopping Resort Gerasdorf“. proLignum-seminar „wood in the city“, Crowne Plaza Bratislava, 10.05.2012

Christoph M. Achammer: Lecture about the Architecture of Discount Supermarkets at the >Third European Discount Congress, Berlin, 17.04.2012

Gustav Trefil: „G3 Shopping Resort Gerasdorf“. >16th Timber Building Conference, Technical School Volyně, 05.04.2012

Heinz Lindner and Gustav Trefil: "G3 Shopping Resort Gerasdorf". Lecture as part of the teaching seminar “Practice Report: Innovative Building”, >Institute for Interdisciplinary Construction Process Management, Industrial Building and Interdisciplinary Planning, TU Vienna, 25.01.2012

Horst Reiner: "G3 Shopping Resort Gerasdorf - Shopping and Feeling Good under the World’s Largest Timber Structure". >17th International Timber Building Forum IHF, Congress Center Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 08.12.2011

Christoph M. Achammer: "The Development of Industrial Buildings and Shopping Centres". >Austrian Standards plus Trainings/Apprenticeship Real Estate Project Development, Vienna, 24.11.2011

Heinz Lindner and Gustav Trefil: "Building Roofs at a Large Scale – Shopping Centre G3, Gerasdorf, Vienna North". >proLignum, Banská Bystrica, 24.11.2011

Michael Haugeneder: „Building Certification as Chance for Innovative Systems of Technical Building Equipment“. >e-nova 2011, Campus Pinkafeld, 24.11.2011 

Ulf Bambach: "The port district with the north end: A symbiosis with a future?”. Podium discussion during the “Offenbacher Gespräch, Rathaus Offenbach, 17.11.2011

Christoph M. Achammer: "Sustainable Building? And why not simply good buildings?”. >Real Estate Circle 2011, TU Wien, 11.11.2011

Christoph M. Achammer: " ATP Architects and Engineers - We want to change our world positively with excellent buildings ”. >Opening Congress IG Lebenszyklus Hochbau, Siemens City, Vienna, 08.11.2011

Horst Reiner: "The Phenomenon of Integrated Design". >IAESTE Vienna, 19.10.2011

Heinz Lindner: "Building Roofs at a Large Scale – Shopping Centre G3, Gerasdorf, Vienna North". >proLignum, Prague, 20.10.2011

Christoph M. Achammer: "Integrated Planning - BIM and sustainable buildings ". >CIB-W096 Conference, TU Vienna, 13.10.2011

Christoph M. Achammer: "The future of shopping - a rapid provocation”. >ACSC Congress, Haus der Industrie, Vienna, 21.09.2011

Ulf Bambach: "Consumption and Production in Offenbach". >Architektursommer Rhein-Main 2011, architekturMOBIL Offenbach, 20.08.2011 

Christoph M. Achammer: "We built the city". >GCSC Congress, Hotel Adlon, Berlin, 15.09.2011

Christoph M. Achammer: "Retail & the City, a tale of love, hate and lots of opportunity". 
>4. Regensburger Immobilienrechtstag, University of Regensburg, 15.07.2011 

Jens Glöggler (ATP sustain): “Sustainable Building and Certification – Added Value or just a Marketing Tool?”. Architecture Forum 2011 – “And can´t we do a little more?”, Messezentrum Neu, Wels, 09.06.2011

Ulf Bambach and Horst Rainer: „Frankfurt – Vienna – Bratislava - Die Verkürzung der Halbwertszeiten“. >German Council Forum Architecture Hamburg – „Refurbishment and Shopping Center“ New building – Extension – Rebuilding and the consequences for the city, 26.05.2011

Ulf Bambach: “Between Economy, Sustainability and Extra Social Benefits for Cities and Regions – Retail Real Estate of the Future”. Retail Real Estate Summit 2011, Wiesbaden, 17.05.2011

Christoph M. Achammer in: „Gebäude um die Welt positiv zu verändern. Integrale Planung – der Schlüssel für eine besser gebaute Umwelt“. Special Lecture, Catholic University Chaplaincy, TU Vienna, 04.04.2011

Christoph M. Achammer in: “Schwabinger Tor – A City Quarter Awakes”. Podium Discussion of the Jost Hurler Beteiligungs- und Verwaltungsgesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG, MIPIM 2011 Cannes, 09.03.2011

Rainer Stiller: "Technical Building Systems – Electrical and Control Systems". Masters Course in Professional MBA Facility Management, TU Vienna, 28.11.2010

Rainer Stiller: "Aspects of Sustainability in Industrial Buildings and their Evaluation". Jens Glöggler. "Sustainable Building and Certification – Added Value or Just Marketing Tool?". ICC 2010 – International Consulting and Construction, University of Innsbruck, 18.11.2010

Christoph M. Achammer in: "Sustainability in Retail Real Estate". Retail Dialogue Podium Discussion. 
Expo Real Messe München, 05.10.2010

Christoph M. Achammer. „Special Lecture: Approaches to Quality Assurance - From Construction to Reality.“ Forum Alpbach. 03.09.2010

Wolfgang Wildauer: “The autarchic commercial real estate - phantasy or reality? Methods for fewer operating costs and funding.“
Discussion, Real Vienna, 19.05.2010

Thomas Mattesich: „Revitalisation of retail real estate.“
IREBS Immobilienakademie, Universität Regensburg.

Christoph M. Achammer: „Integral design - prerequisite for sustainable logistics real estate.“
5. Ulmer Logistiktag of BVL Bundesvereinigung Logistik. Donauhalle Ulm, 05.05.2010

Jens Glöggler: Life Cycle Engineering. Spring Symposium 2010 Industriebau. Oskar von Miller Forum, Munich. 30.04.2010

Christoph M. Achammer: >How much education does the specialist need? Discussion.  Event begin "Education, needs, profession, qualification", Association of Austrian Professional Engineering Companies 2010-2011. Kuppelsaal, Vienna University of Technology. 26.04.2010

Horst Reiner: International Construction Project Management. TU Wien, 14.4.2010

Martin Krautgartner/Andreas Rieser: „Integral design and work preparation“ in: Work preparation for building projects - usage of work preparation for project success.
8. Grazer Baubetriebs- und Bauwirtschaftssymposium, TU Graz, 26.03.2010

Christoph M.  Achammer: German Council Forum Architektur - Shopping Center a vital element of a city. A critical discussion from different viewpoints.
Zeche Zollverein, Essen, 25./26.03.2010

Jens Glöggler, ATP Sustain: Sustainability and Certification - added value or just another marketing tool? Sustainable building - challenges of the 21st Century.
Kaiser Baucontrol, 25.03.2010

Marc Eutebach: >Stehgreif-Entwerfen mit allen Semestern. (Impromptu Design for all semesters)
Workshop Design, Architektur, Mensch. FH Pforzheim, 17.-19. März 2010

Christoph M. Achammer: University contribution for sustainable development. 
Forum Agenda 4: Realty. Innovation. Sustainability. BMW Museum Munich, 01.03.2010

Dario Travas: Wine and Architecture. Chamber of Commerce, Zapresic. 10.2.2010

Christoph M. Achammer: Green Shopping Centres. 2nd Swiss Shopping Centre Forum & Swiss Council Congress, Zurich, 12.11.2009

Christoph M. Achammer: Sustainability in teaching and research, BBB Symposium at the ETH Zurich, 18.09.2009.

Design the future rather than overdevelop it. Podium discussion with Professor Achammer. VZI/Chamber of Architects and Engineers of Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland, Hotel Sacher, Vienna, 19.10.2009

Ulf Bambach: Designing and Building in an International Context: Wirtschaftsjunioren Offenbach am Main, 01.07.2009.

Christoph M. Achammer: Integrated Design for Innovative Buildings. European Laboratory Design: Convention 2009 – Laboratory Buildings for Science and Research. Human Technology Styria, Graz, 24. - 25.06.2009

Rainer Stiller: Technical Implementation of Sustainable Aspects in the Design and Execution of Commercial Buildings. In: Realisation of Sustainability Criteria in the area of Efficiency. Seminar, Siemens Stiftung Munich, 19.06.2009

Wolfgang Wildauer: “Logistics Real Estate – New building, rebuilding or expansion? Challenges for companies in the areas of building, financing and risk management”, Podium discussion during Real Vienna, 26. 05. 2009

Dario Travas: “Project development and investment in the West Balkan countries – a comprehensive view of the market” Podium discussion during Real Vienna, 26.05.2009

Horst Reiner: “Shopping Centres in Croatia – a dynamic market on the march“, Podium discussion during Real Vienna. 26.05.2009

Christoph M. Achammer: “Sustainable Design and Building – without training?“ Podium discussion of the sustainability committee of the Austrian Chamber of Architects and Engineers, Vienna, 18.05.2009.

Ulf Bambach: International Positioning of an Office. In: Designing and Building International – Architecture Export Network NAX, 13.05.2009

Christoph M. Achammer: Rediscovering the City – Integrated Design for Multifunctional Projects, ICC 2008, University of Innsbruck, 28.11.2008

Johann Knoll: Energy Efficiency. ATRIO Villach, HILTI, Thüringen, Expert Forum Concrete, VÖZ, 14.10.2008

Christoph M. Achammer: Sustainable Building as a Challenge for the 21st Century, VZI, Vienna, 09.06.2008

Andrei Florian: Atrio, a Ship on Course to Save Energy. Concrete Symposium, Session “Alternative Energies”, Vienna, 25.04.2008

Christoph M. Achammer: Sustainable Building – New Challenges for the Design Process. AGI Spring Symposium 2008, Stuttgart, 18.04.2008

Christoph M. Achammer: Keeping your Shopping Centre alive. 33rd ICSC European Conference 2008, Amsterdam, 17.04.2008

C. Achammer: New Processes of Designing and Building for Sustainable Buildings. “Concrete Climatic Protection“, Ökosoziales Forum, Vienna, 07.04.2008

C. Achammer: Integrated planning experiences in Europe. 9th annual ADMS symposium “Internationalisation and its influence on building culture and design processes, changes in roles and responsibilities“, TU Eindhoven (NL), 20.03.2008

C. Achammer: Architecture for Logistics Real Estate – A Contribution to Sustainability? 24. BVL Logistics Dialogue, Vienna, 29. 02. 2008

C. Achammer: City Office instead of just office – Mixed Use as an Added Value in a Full Market. Bernd Heuer Dialog, Frankfurt, 23. 01. 2008

C. Achammer: From Concept to Design. MBA Facility Management. Vienna, 17.01.2008 C. Achammer: Integrated Design as the Key to Sustainable Buildings. IRE/BS, Eltville, 14.01.2008

C. Achammer: “The Integrated Design Process in Industrial Buildings” „The Austrian Society of Economics Engineers, Vienna. 25.01.2007

C. Achammer: “Building with Light”. Lichtstudio Bartenbach, Aldrans. 18.01.2007

C. Achammer: “The Transformation of the Cultural Identities of Cities”; Alpbach Architecture Forum, Alpbach (invited); 18.08.2006

C. Achammer: “Values behind design”; Lecture: Towards the City Surface of Tomorrow, Vienna (invited); 08 - 09.06.2006

C. Achammer: “Tirol as an Economic Location “; Lecture: Zukunftsraum Tirol, Innsbruck; 01.12.2005

C. Achammer: “Quo Vadis Institute for Industrial Building and Interdisciplinary Construction Planning”; Lecture: Industrial Building Forum, Stuttgart; 24 - 25.10.2005

C. Achammer: “Metropolis – The Influence of Architecture on Shopping Orientation“; Lecture: Retail and Location Conference 2005, Vienna; 20.10.2005

C. Achammer: “Expansion Strategy (Eastern Europe) Central Europe“; Lecture: Regioplan Expert Forum, Vienna; 29. 09. 2005

C. Achammer: “The Sustainability of Large Projects”; Lecture: Donau University Krems, Krems; 22.09.2005

C. Achammer: “Architecture with Retailing – Retailing with Architecture“; Lectures: Austrian Association of Shopping Centres, Vienna; 27.01.2005

C. Achammer in a Podium Discussion “Who is Responsible?” Kultursalon Ausdruck und Alltag, Munich; 07.07.2004

C. Achammer: “Does Industrial Building still need architects?” AGI Symposium, Berlin; 25. - 26.03.2004

C. Achammer: “Design Processes of the Future” Fraunhofer Real Estate Symposium, Munich, Innovation Strategies for Real Estate. 18.11.2003



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