ATP Academy

ATP in Nuremberg is one of ATP’s newest offices in Germany. We have been fully owned by ATP since 2018 as a result of which we also have the opportunity to participate in the training program offered by the ATP Academy.

Seminars covering subjects from communication, via self-organization and time management, to social competences help employees from various offices and levels of seniority to meet both the technical and the psychological challenges of their day-to-day work.

In addition to this, training is regularly offered in the area of project management for which the company bears all the costs. In 2018, for instance, I also had the opportunity to take part in the project management course (certification in line with IPMA Level C, organized in four modules). This challenging assignment demands a certain amount of personal initiative but is, at the same time, an important milestone on the way towards realizing personal goals.

The title “Certified Project Manager” requires not only that one comprehensively addresses the issue of project organization and all related processes and procedures, but also that one is successful in the final examination. The contents of the course won’t give me the answers to all my questions, and nor should they – I see the training more like a common thread, which will guide me and help me to progress as I seek my own answers regarding the next steps and my own self-management.

Natalja Schwabauer
Team Architect Level 2
ATP Nuremberg



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