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The Masterplan, a Strategic Tool for the Development and Use of Real Estate Resources

The early phases of a project play a particularly significant role in ATP’s integrated design approach. The influence of these phases on cost, sustainable quality and lifecycle is almost unlimited – regardless of whether the project involves a single building, a building ensemble or an urban district. The aim is to align short, medium and long term constructional measures with the client’s strategic objectives.

For this reason the drawing up of a masterplan has proved itself to be an essential part of the preparatory work before the commencement of constructional measures. As a medium and long-term strategic document this establishes clear guidelines for design and execution work that are in line with the client’s strategy. The structure and central propositions of a masterplan establish the framework for concrete design tasks. Regular updates and needs-based adaptation ensure that a masterplan retains its strategic value.

Masterplans are documents which present the results of the following design work at all scales:

  • Urban and district development
  • Location development
  • Building development

The ATP masterplanning process can be divided into the following steps:

  1. Compilation of the existing situation
  2. Determination of the project requirements
  3. Development of an ideal diagram
  4. Development of real variants
  5. Summary of the above in the form of a masterplan report


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