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ATP architects engineers – Integrated Design in Zurich

With around 50 architects and engineers ATP Zurich is became a member in 2009. The well-known Zurich office (formerly kfp) works principally for clients in Switzerland and Southern Germany.

The core competence of ATP Zurich is the integrated design of lifecycle-oriented buildings. As integrated designers, all members of our interdisciplinary teams work on projects simultaneously to offer our clients all the architectural and engineering services required for the entire design process.

ATP Zurich specializes in complex building projects as well as refurbishment and revitalization work:

  • Urban design

    From refurbishment work to new buildings in urban or rural settings: each project involves an intense study of the surroundings. Countless themes such as accessibility, arrangement and orientation influence the design.


  • Residential buildings

    ATP Zurich’s specialization in social housing enables us to design attractive and economical apartment plans. Innovative forms of housing promote the creation of social networks.


  • Office buildings

    People spend most time in the workplace. This is a place which demands productivity, precision, efficiency and quality. Architecture can support and promote a range of working methods through spatial conception, connections, furniture, environmental quality and lighting.


  • Health sector buildings

    In places which welcome patients, odors, colors and surface finishes are as important as optimized circulation and spatial sequences. The integrated design process places equal importance on the speed, precision and quality of design work.


  • Production buildings


Matthias Wehrle
Matthias Wehrle

Partner | Managing Director

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