Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission statement of ATP architects engineers defines our core principles and values. It is based on the way we see ourselves and expresses the meaning that we see in our work. It guides us every day, describing what we do and how we do it.


We want to change our world positively with excellent buildings

ATP will be Europe’s best integrated designer

Core Competence
Integrated design

Competitive Advantage
Our rich experience as an integrated designer

Mission Statement
Architects and engineers for better buildings



  • impartial | We act independently and arrive at neutral and honest decisions in line with the ATP Compliance Guidelines.
  • engaged | We proactively employ our personal resources and talents in our daily work.
  • reliable | We keep to our agreements unconditionally out of respect for our partners.
  • respectful | We act with respect, accept individual positions and actively recognize the success which arises from personal engagement.
  • responsible | We act and take decisions guided by a sense of total responsibility to our clients, to our company and to the wider socio-economic environment.
  • innovative | On the basis of these values and of our experience we work constantly on the development of our products and processes.


  • user-oriented | Our buildings are geared to the needs of their future use and sustainably support the processes which will occur within them.
  • resource-sensitive | We combine ecological, economic and socio-cultural requirements into a sustainable whole which takes into account the lifecycle of a building.
  • creative | We develop innovative, individual solutions of high aesthetic quality.


  • team-oriented | In our interdisciplinary work we are open, understanding and tolerant to other opinions and always look for the optimal compromise.
  • effective | We arrive at structured and targeted decisions.
  • transparent | We communicate in a correct and cooperative manner and are open to constructive criticism.

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Contact us

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