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It is 70 years since we began learning from our clients – learning about their needs and their modern ways of working. Since then, our work has been process-oriented. 45 years ago, we took the pioneering decision to focus on interdisciplinary collaboration and developed our culture of integrated design. Our broad partnership of architects and engineers has now embodied this culture for 30 years.

Established as a one-man architecture office in post-war Europe, ATP architects engineers swiftly developed into a successful planner of production and logistics buildings. In the 1970s, this knowledge of modern integrated production methods led to the integrated cooperation between architecture and engineering within the growing company. The objective of ATP’s in-house core competence – the integrated design of complex construction projects – is to realize sustainable, resource-friendly, and energy-saving buildings with maximum design quality and planning security. Since 2012, integrated design at ATP has also received data-based support from BIM. An in-house BIM standard will be developed over several years. Due to its close relationship with Vienna University of Technology, ATP is closely involved in academic research into integrated design and BIM.

With 1,700+ employees, ATP is one of Europe’s leading integrated design companies. It designs for clients from the production, real estate, retail, and health sectors at its Head Office in Innsbruck (AT) and 14 other offices across the DACH and CEE Regions, supported by in-house research, specialist planning, and consultancy companies. Partners, associate partners, and associates embody ATP’s corporate culture. Through their interdisciplinary commitment to the ATP Academy, knowledge management, gender equality, and a family-friendly working environment. The ATP partnership enables employees to assume corporate responsibility and share in corporate success.


  • The architect ETH Fred Achammer establishes an architecture office in Innsbruck with a focus on industrial buildings.


  • The first step towards integrated design as an integrated planning office: partnership between the architect ETH Fred Achammer, construction engineer Sigfrid Tritthart, and mechanical engineer Gunther Fröhlich.


  • Establishment of ATP Vienna, AT.


  • The architect Christoph M. Achammer becomes a partner/architecture.


  • Establishment of ATP Munich, DE, and of temporary offices in Leipzig, DE; Dresden, DE; Prague, CZ.


  • ATP partnership model for 20 % of employees.


  • Establishment of ATP Planungs- und Beteiligungs AG as a holding company.
  • Bernhard Hörtnagl becomes a partner.


  • ATP organizes the Alpbach Architecture Forum as part of the European Forum Alpbach, AT (2001 – 2005).


  • Establishment of ATP Zagreb, HR.
  • The architect Robert Kelca becomes a partner.
  • Appointment of Christoph M. Achammer as Professor of Integrated Construction Planning and Industrial Building, Vienna University of Technology, AT.


  • Establishment of the consulting company redserve, which currently has offices in Innsbruck, AT; Vienna, AT; Berlin, DE; Recklinghausen, CH; Varaždin, HR.


  • The architect Horst Reiner becomes a partner.
  • N+M Frankfurt joins the ATP Group and becomes ATP Frankfurt, DE.


  • The Construction engineer Gerald Hulka becomes partners
  • Takeover of kfp architekten ag, Zurich, which becomes ATP Zurich, CH.


  • The architect Dario Travaš becomes partners.


  • The architect Thomas Mattesich and Alfred Wegmann become partners.
  • Establishment of the consulting company foodfab, Munich, DE; Innsbruck, AT.


  • ATP becomes the world’s first architectural and engineering office to offer certified integrated design.
  • Establishment of ATP health; Frankfurt, DE.


  • The architect Matthias Wehrle becomes a partner.
  • Establishment of ATP Berlin, DE.


  • Takeover of HAID & Partner, which becomes ATP Nuremberg, DE.


  • ATP becomes the principal shareholder of Mint Architecture AG, Zurich, CH.
  • ATP takes over 30% of the shares of FactoryXperts, Eschlikon, CH.
  • More than 1.000 employees at 10 integrated design offices and in-house research, specialist design, and consulting companies


  • Establishment of ATP Hamburg, DE.


  • Partnership with engineering company HGPC in Zurich.


  • Establishment of ATP Zero, Munich, DE.


  • Establishment of ATP Krakow, PL.
  • Establishment of ITA engineering, Munich, DE.
  • Establishment of ATP Karlsruhe, DE.
  • Establishment of blu-print consulting, Bremervörde, de
  • Branko Knežević becomes a partner.
  • Establishment of ATP Belgrade, RS.


  • Establishment of ATP Aachen, DE.

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