1st Prize IWP Liebhartstal II, Vienna, AT

The Proposal for the Modernisation and Enlargement of the Existing IWP Liebhartstal II Care Home was successful in a Full Service General Contractor Competition.

The innovative Liebhartstal II Care Home (IWP) in Vienna’s 16th district is to be modernised and expanded. The Board of Trustees of Vienna’s Residential Homes for the Elderly invited a number of full service general contractors to prepare bids for a turnkey project. ATP Vienna was invited to work together with the contractors PORR AG.

This design for the construction of a new L-shaped wing and the revitalisation of the existing building makes a statement on behalf of a self-determined quality of life and dignity in old age. The design concept paid particular attention to the notion of sensory perception and related activities. 

Organiser: Kuratorium Wiener Pensionisten- Wohnhäuser, Vienna

Competition Team: Architecture: Christoph Achammer, Horst Reiner, Dario Travas, Rüdiger Ingartner, Nora Schöffmann, Florian Schaller. Mechanical Engineering: Otto Buranits, Martin Daschütz. Electrical Engineering: Helmut Vince. Structural Engineering: Martin Krautgartner, Gustav Trefil.

Consultants: Landscape Design: idealice. Building Physics: iC consulenten.

In Cooperation with PORR AG


IWP Liebhartstal II, Bird’s eye view. Existing building in red brick. Visualisation: ATP Architects and Engineers

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