Solveig Hillebrecht joins ATP

More strong women in ATP top management

Frankfurt, 1st January 2019 – Solveig Hillebrecht is the new member of the management team of ATP Frankfurt. The construction engineer and graduate in business administration became Managing Director/Engineering at the turn of the year. She will now work alongside Ulf Bambach, Managing Director /Architecture, on the expansion of the office’s core competence of integrated design.

“Diversity is our answer to the major challenges facing business. The strengthening of our management teams by qualified and experienced women such as Solveig Hillebrecht reflects our gender-equitable organizational culture", is the delighted reaction of ATP CEO Christoph M. Achammer to the new member of the Frankfurt management team.

The Managing Directors in Frankfurt will be supported by the authorized signatories Reinhold Wolfert and Carsten Nechwatal, whose respective specialist fields are site supervision/tender processes and structural engineering. This means that the management of the Frankfurt office is starting the New Year as a strong, integrated team.

Following her training as an engineer at TU Braunschweig the Hannover-born Hillebrecht studied business administration at BWL-Institut Basel. Her career has been marked by a wide range of responsibilities and perspectives including her time as the Managing Director of a building services engineering company or as the head of an office of Implenia Construction GmbH. This experience will now benefit ATP Frankfurt. Her understanding of leadership is grounded in clarity, competence, and consistency. However, she also believes that the key to success lies in not only good leadership but also a values-based approach: Teamwork makes the dream work. In all her years as a top manager she has never lost sight of this motto.

According to Hillebrecht “Reinhard Sprenger gave us the maxim that nothing is more problematic for the success of tomorrow than the success of yesterday. This is why I will devote myself to ensuring that ATP never rests on its laurels nor loses its sense of curiosity and openness to new ideas.” She has been working actively as part of the interdisciplinary team of ATP Frankfurt since January 2019, motivating and enthusing employees for her vision of using integrated design to optimally meet the needs of clients while continuously strengthening our position as a market leader.

    Solveig Hillebrecht has been making use of her expertise as part of the management team of ATP Frankfurt since January 2019. Photo: ATP/Florian Heurich
    A strong team of equals: Solveig Hillebrecht and Ulf Bambach, the dual leadership of the Frankfurt office. Photo: ATP/Florian Heurich

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