Groundbreaking ceremony for VW

Volkswagen’s first exclusive facility for electric cars worldwide is being built in Zwickau.

Zwickau, 15th August 2019 – By officially launching the construction of its new “e-facility” VW is also ushering in the end of the age of the combustion engine. The automotive manufacturer is constructing a state-of-the-art production facility in Saxony that should be building 1,500 electric vehicles daily by 2021. A total of up to 330,000 electric models should roll off the production line every year. ATP Vienna is responsible for the integrated design of the new logistics hall as well as for the site supervision of the expansion of the pressing plant.

“The vision of creating a pure e-facility at Zwickau is becoming closer to reality every day”, was the delighted reaction of Reinhard de Vries, Managing Director for Technology and Logistics for Volkswagen in Saxony, at the opening of the construction site. This new factory for electric cars is a global first. “In future, the plant will be a model for the entire automotive sector”, says Ingo Koller, ATP’s lead project manager for the logistics hall. “We are extremely delighted to be able to apply our expert know-how to such a huge project.”

Increasing production with the help of integrated design
ATP Vienna was commissioned with the integrated design of the 13,000 m2 logistics hall on the basis of its extensive expertise in the delivery of integrated logistics solutions in the areas of production facilities, retail and wholesale distribution centers, and other storage typologies. The hall will act as a key component in increasing the maximum production capacity. It will be possible to load or unload up to 15 trucks alongside each other simultaneously. Electric transport vehicles will then transfer the delivered materials to the assembly halls.

During this comprehensive program of both construction and conversion VW is paying close attention to climate-neutral production targets. The expansion will allow more components to be produced on site, leading to a significant reduction in both transport costs and CO2 emissions.

    The new VW logistics hall. Visualization: ATP

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