Certified Quality

ATP is the first office in Europe to offer ISO certified "Integrated Design".

The process flow of the integrated design methods developed by ATP architects engineers successfully passed a QM audit (Quality Management ISO 9001, Environmental Management ISO 14001).

This makes ATP the first architectural and engineering office which not only offers such individual services as architecture, structural and mechanical & electrical engineering but which has subjected its entire integrated design process flow to a quality certification procedure. 

“The decision to expose our design processes to critical external examination and to document and, hence, make these public is testimony to our search for constant improvement. This makes us even more delighted about the excellent results of the ISO certification process; because this offers our clients the best possible security in terms of the quality and development of their building processes”, says Dipl.-Ing. Gerald Hulka, partner and board member of ATP architects engineers, who is both the company’s quality officer and has company-wide responsibility for certification.

Pioneers of Integrated Design

ATP began to develop multidisciplinary structures in line with Anglo-American models in 1976. Since then, ATP’s architects, structural engineers and mechanical & electrical engineers have been cooperating simultaneously on projects – now with the optimized IT-support offered by Building Information Modeling (BIM). ATP’s 35 years of experience of integrated design have made it one of the sector’s most valuable brands. With a current total of around 600 employees from 23 countries, ATP is one of Europe’s leading integrated design offices.

According to Professor Christoph M. Achammer, CEO of ATP architects engineers: “today’s buildings are so complex, that project success demands the interdisciplinary cooperation of architects and engineers.” Accordingly, 65 % of ATP’s design commissions in the real estate, production and retail sectors are repeat orders from satisfied customers.

Integrated Design guarantees the sustainability of real estate

A central element of ATP’s design philosophy is the creation of lifecycle-oriented and sustainable buildings. Integrated design helps to optimize decisions from the very first stage of projects in such a way that project success can be ensured and the entire lifecycle costs reliably determined. Many buildings integrally designed by ATP have received sustainability awards and have been successfully subjected to certification processes.

    QM Certificate ISO 9001 Quality Management.

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