Broadening Expertise

At the start of the year ATP acquired the majority share in Mint Architecture.

Zurich/Innsbruck, 7th February 2019 – ATP has become the main shareholder in Switzerland‘s Mint Architecture AG. As Continental Europe’s leading integrated design office the move strengthens our group with specialist experience-oriented architectural and design know-how while opening the door to further growth for our younger partner office. Mint Architecture will remain an autonomous company and an independent brand.

Swiss know-how for Europe
With its specialty of commercial and user-oriented architectural projects, Mint Architecture has developed a unique position on the Swiss market in just a few years. The Zurich office, which has around 50 employees, focusses on the retail, gastronomy, financial, health, and hospitality sectors. According to Thomas Stiefel, Founder and Partner of Mint Architecture: “We are delighted to have ATP architects engineers as a main shareholder – a strong, Europe-wide player with a professional network of over 800 experts, which will offer us the opportunity to apply our expertise to major international projects.”

What ATP and Mint have in common
A decisive criterion behind our decision to take a share in Mint Architecture was the clear customer-orientation of the architectural office. “It took us years”, explained ATP CEO Christoph M. Achammer, “to find an office that shares our position. We were convinced by the user-oriented approach and interdisciplinary way of working of Mint Architecture in the commercial sphere, which is aligned with our own customers’ desire to develop commercial space that is focused on client needs and the customer journey.”

By taking a share in Mint Architecture we will enjoy a valuable boost in the area of commercial interior design while also strengthening the expertise of the Design and Research (D+R) Groups of our individual offices. These have already successfully established themselves on the market with their concepts for forward-looking workspaces and hotel design and energy-efficient retail real estate.

And the next step?
Mint Architecture will remain an independent company. Thomas Stiefel, Founder, Peter Roth, CEO, and Kees van Elst, Client Director, are still shareholders. They will continue developing successfully in line with our traditions while significantly strengthening the integrated expertise of the ATP Group. According to Stiefel, the planned move into new premises in the west of Zurich – very close to the new offices of ATP Zurich – will permit both parties to realize new, exciting projects in Switzerland and across Europe.

Mint Architecture

ATP Pressroom

ATP and Mint Architecture cement their partnership. From left: Matthias Wehrle, ATP Partner and Managing Director of ATP Zurich; Kees van Elst, Client Director and Mint Partner; Christoph M. Achammer, ATP Partner and CEO; Thomas Stiefel, Mint Founder and Partner, and Peter Roth, CEO and Mint Partner. Photo: ATP/Rauschmeir
Le Chef, Geneva Airport, Switzerland: experience-oriented gastronomy concept and restaurant remodeling by Mint Architecture. Photo: Autogrill Schweiz

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