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Martin Lukasser speaks at Zumtobel about integrated design with BIM and BIM2FIM.

Dornbirn, 15th May, 2019 – in the middle of the month the ATP architect Martin Lukasser responded to an invitation from Zumtobel to visit them in Vorarlberg. With his short presentation entitled “Integrated design with BIM, plus BIM2FIM” he offered a roundtable of lighting experts some broad insights into this specialist area. As an organization committed to constant learning, ATP feels an obligation to the progress of the sector and is happy to share its experience in the field of digitalization with other partners. This is an unconventional approach, but one that has proven itself over many years. The knowledge transfer within such an expert roundtable must be in the interests of everyone.

The focus of Martin Lukasser’s presentation was the workflow of planning with BIM – from the Employers’ Information Requirements (EIR), via the BIM Execution Plan (BEP), to a BIM model designed to meet the needs of facility managers and its associated attributes and generic objects.

“The digital data models that we have been creating using BIM at ATP for every project since 2012 are not only real problem-solving tools for us during the planning process. BIM also offers facility managers reliable data as a result of which it is also a huge asset for clients after the completion of a building. Our FIM tool, for example, offers our clients access to lifecycle-based information about the smallest building component – even the tiniest light – at the click of a mouse,” explains Lukasser, underlining the opportunities that will become available, even to component manufacturers.

In this connection, Lukasser emphasized the impact on the building industry of a broad-based characteristic server. He made a plea for cooperation between companies as a means of giving a powerful – and necessary – boost to the digitalization of the construction industry.

Christian Klotz, who is responsible for project work at Zumtobel, offered his thanks for “this fantastic insight into such an innovative area”, and for the idea that is already being studied in detail by a smaller group in order to be applied in the area of lighting solutions.

About Zumtobel
Zumtobel is a leading supplier of holistic solutions and creates innovative lighting concepts in partnership with designers, clients, planners, and operators. The company organizes regular workshops in a number of areas including industrial, office, retail, and healthcare design.


    Martin Lukasser addresses the expert roundtable on the subject of BIM and BIM2FIM. Photo: IM und BIM2FIM. Photo: Zumtobel Group
    Martin Lukasser (left) answers questions of the interested audience. Photo: Zumtobel Group

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