2012-04-17 3rd European Discounter Congress in Berlin

"Do the eyes go shopping too: Can Buildings be flagship vehicles in the discount world?" Christoph M. Achammer delivers a lecture about the architecture of discount supermarkets.

Berlin, 17th April 2012– This year’s branch event focused on strategies and business models for discounters in Germany and Europe. 200 of the most important representatives of the branch and top experts discuss key developments and the outlook for 2012.

ATP CEO Christoph M. Achammer spoke about the architecture, quality of stay and urbanity of discount supermarkets. “Food products provoke strong emotions and this must also be reflected in the architecture. Discounters must be efficient and economical but must still signal quality. In the future they will fulfill an even broader range of functions and it will have to be possible to integrate them in multifunctional structures. The quality of stay and ecology must be important criteria for a modern discounter with demands for quality – from the very beginning of the design process.”

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Christoph M. Achammer (ATP architects engineers)

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