D&R Studios

They are pioneers, philosophers, lateral thinkers. Organized in creative laboratories, the Design & Research teams of the ATP offices are disruptive and dynamic – refined and rebellious. Young and yet wise beyond their years. 

Competitions and design
As breeding grounds for innovative ideas and extraordinary activities they assume the role of design leadership and develop competition concepts for ATP. They research materials, study forms, and bring together all that is required to create high-quality and sustainable architecture. Hungry for success and leaving the mainstream far behind.

Research and development
As academic platforms and open workshops they are in constant dialog with technical universities and universities of applied science. Together and in interdisciplinary teams they develop conceptual solutions to the challenges of tomorrow. Integrated and as equals.

Small yet perfect
As an essential part of ATP they broaden the core competence of integrated design via small yet perfect projects in such specialist areas as new work environments with activity-based working, innovative living, or in conjunction with the material wood. Versatile and visionary.

D&R Studios all projects

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D&R – Heads of Design

  • Andrea Bianchi

    Andrea Bianchi
    MSc AAM | Architect
    Team Leader
    ATP Zurich

  • Stefan Fertl

    Stefan Fertl
    M.A. | Architect
    ATP Nuremberg

  • Alexander Montero

    Alexander Montero
    Dipl.-Ing. | Architect
    ATP Hamburg

  • Paul Ohnmacht

    Paul Ohnmacht
    Dipl.-Ing. | Architect
    Associate Partner
    ATP Innsbruck

  • Jorge Pinares Huamani

    Jorge Pinares Huamani
    M.A. | Architect
    ATP Frankfurt

  • Dario Travaš

    Dario Travaš
    Dipl.-Ing. | Architect
    Partner | Managing Director
    ATP Vienna

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