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Alpbach Architecture Symposium

European Forum Alpbach 2001 – 2005

This intense two-day discussion of contemporary architectural issues took place annually as part of the European Forum Alpbach between 2001 and 2005. The concept of the “Alpbach Architecture Symposium” was largely developed by ATP architects engineers, who also acted as organizing partner.

The integrated and interdisciplinary approach to architecture was the guiding principle behind the development of the event.

“As an architectural and engineering office we steer very consciously against the trend towards the segmentation of the construction sector and the handing over of key parts of the design process to other decision-makers. Our integrated approach seeks to bring the shaping of the environment back into the area of responsibility of the architect. The Alpbach Architecture Symposium seeks to bring together specialists from all areas of designing and building to address subjects and draw conclusions which can be implemented over the years to come.”

Professor Christoph M. Achammer, ATP CEO and Partner, 2001

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