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  • Gerald Holy

    Gerald Holy

  • Thomas Wirth

    Thomas Wirth
    Cosmetics production

  • Armin Wentzler

    Armin Wentzler
    Hospitals, chemists, industrial kitchens, laboratories

  • Meinhard Legerer

    Meinhard Legerer
    Pharmaceuticals production

Integrated design with BIM for research and the pharmaceuticals industry

From production and laboratories to research in the health sector – we are experts in the GLP- and GMP-conform design of research and pharmaceuticals buildings. Our interdisciplinary teams of architects and engineers manage the entire design and construction process on your behalf. With a sense of responsibility for the future.

The research into and manufacture of pharmaceutical and cosmetics products are full of risk. Sterile filling, constant temperatures, and the contamination-free circulation of air – hardly any other industry demands more precision and accuracy. It is such requirements that transform a research, production, or storage building into a high-tech operating facility. In this area, the rules are far stricter than normal and this must be reflected in the planning. From a single source and free of interfaces. For optimum security. For maximum functionality. For your success.

As our client you expect a design that takes precisely these relationships into account. That makes full use of every possibility and considers every interaction. Constructively, economically, functionally. Because, far too often, the cooperation between architecture, production process technology, and building services is unsatisfactory. Opportunities for the GMP-conform integration of equipment are not exploited because interdisciplinary thinking and planning are often inadequate in the conventional planning process. But your projects demand seamless cooperation. Between every discipline and specialist area. In every phase. Because the loss of information and misunderstandings at interfaces represent an unacceptable risk.

This is why ...

  • … we work together, without interfaces.

    "Integrated design" at ATP is an interdisciplinary process, in which all architectural, structural, building technology, and site supervision services are delivered by a dedicated team – in close cooperation with specific specialist engineers. We know each other well as experts in each of our fields. We are fascinated by the energy generated by our interdisciplinary interaction. With over 70 years’ experience of industrial building we have extensive specialist know-how regarding the pharmaceuticals sector. Cooperating with internationally experienced process engineers and consultants such as Spiegltec, VTU engineering, BakerHicks or CBRE, we have learnt about the processes required for meeting these challenges as a partner of successful pharmaceuticals companies and, reflecting the way in which GMP develops continuously, we continue to learn more.

    In order to do a good job …

  • … we understand our processes before we plan.

    Our Lead Project Manager is your single point of contact for the planning process and manages our interdisciplinary team. They devote themselves to the task from the very start. We ensure that everyone understands the processes, the GMP requirements, and the functions that your building should support. And in doing so we communicate as equal partners with the production process planners and support your core process with tailor-made architecture and building services.

    In order to allow you to optimize your decision-making we "model" your building on this basis as a digital twin. Building Information Modeling is the interdisciplinary tool that perfectly complies with our way of thinking and working. During the design phase this offers you not just a realistic preview but also a virtual 1:1 portrayal. The building as you will experience it later. With all its architectural, technical, physical, and functional characteristics. So that you can take your important long-term economic decisions at the earliest possible moment.

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    Our clients include pharmaceuticals and biotech companies, research companies, and university and research institutes. For your research, production, and storage facilities you can put your faith in our integrated design with BIM.

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