Clothing manufacturer engelbert strauss opens its new workwearstore®

Biebergemünd, 10th October 2014 – The opening of the workwearstore® marks the completion of an important phase of the comprehensive expansion of the headquarters complex. A main administration building designed by ATP Frankfurt will combine with the new store to form the “engelbert strauss corporate campus”.

According to Christian Risch, the responsible project leader from ATP Frankfurt: “The strong streetfront presence of the workwearstore will be a landmark for customers while the administrative areas face in every direction, allowing the surrounding landscape to become part of the workspace. This closes the conceptual cycle connecting nature, people, brand and architecture”.

The Strauss family and their more than 1,000 invited guests celebrated the opening of the workwearstore® with a stage show and an outdoor barbecue.

“The atmosphere in the new store is very special. The interior design, with its intense use of a wide variety of wooden elements and its extraordinary lights creates a warm, friendly mood. One immediately feels at ease”, is the positive reaction of the shop employees.




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Photo: engelbert strauss
The workwearstore® is notable for the visibility of its structure and building service installations. The sales area is virtually free of columns. Photo: engelbert strauss
Photo: engelbert strauss
Extraordinary lights add to the very special atmosphere of the shop. Photo: engelbert strauss

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