2012-09-19 Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek visits ATP

Austria's Women's Minister admits to being highly impressed by the way in which ATP Innsbruck is family-friendly and supports women.

Innsbruck, 19.09.2012– Women’s Minister Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek visited ATP`s Innsbruck office during her Tirol visit and was clearly impressed by the initiatives which the company has taken to support its female employees: “ATP’s structures are almost Scandinavian. The things that are happening here are fantastic.” She added that measures which are initiated as a means of supporting women end up benefitting all employees. A key element of this is flexible time management, because time is an increasingly important commodity.

The headquarters and Innsbruck office of ATP architects engineers was awarded Austria’s “National Prize for the Most Family Friendly Company” in May 2012 after being successful in the state competition.

ATP employs around 450 architects and engineers and has set itself the target of having women in 20% of senior management positions by 2015. Currently 35% of the 160 employees of the Innsbruck office are women – including 42% of the architects. According to ATP Innsbruck Managing Director Robert Kelca, “ATP offers equal pay and career opportunities for women and men and wants to make it possible to combine a career and children. Our ATPünktchen is the only kindergarten to be found in an Austrian architecture and engineering office.” Flexible working times, re-entry models after maternity leave, the promotion of paternity leave and the opportunity to work from home are all part of this policy. And in addition to this, the company has established both a women’s “Task Force” and a women’s network.  

Left: Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek (Women’s Minister), right: Sanja Juric-Schmidhofer (Human Resources Assistant ATP Innsbruck)

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