Swiss Positions

ATP Innsbruck is hosting a travelling exhibition about sustainable concepts and innovations in Swiss architecture.

Innsbruck, 1st October 2014 – “33 takes on sustainable approaches to building” is the title of the exhibition that ATP architects engineers and the Swiss embassy in Vienna are presenting in cooperation with aut. architektur und tirol. ATP has provided one of its studios - the Kühlschiff of the Adambräu – as the exhibition location.

The exhibition host Christoph M. Achammer, ATP CEO and Honorary Swiss Consul, will open the event with a keynote lecture entitled: “Experiencing Swiss Positions as an Austrian Architect.”

The travelling exhibition uses photographs of 33 excellent buildings constructed in Switzerland in the past 20 years as a means of demonstrating various ways in which technical expertise, innovation and architectural knowledge can be combined to create sustainable solutions.

The exhibition runs from 2nd October to 14th November in the former Kühlschiff of the Adambräu in Innsbruck

Swiss Positions travelling exhibition
Photos, ckw from left: Carmenna Chairlift Stations, Arosa, Bearth & Deplazes Architekten, Photo: R. Feiner, House, Charrat, clavienrossier, Photo: R. Frei, Footbridge, Boudry, GeninascaDelefortrie, Photo: Th. Jantscher, Titan – Extension of the Historic

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