2012-12.17 blueCARD for "Stilwerk" and "Sofitel"

ATP sustain has accompanied the design department store  "Stilwerk" and the five-star hotel "Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom" with the use of the sustainability declaration of the ÖGNI blueCARD.

UNIQA Immobilien Service GmbH opted for a building declaration in line with the ÖGNI blueCARD for one of its largest real estate projects. This was an opportunity to transparently show that such complex existing buildings are compatible with many of the themes of sustainable building.

The ATP research company ATP sustain audited the retail and hotel areas in two phases and congratulated the client on receiving the award following a successful examination by an expert panel.
The declared building occupies a central location and was built on waste land. The use of small heat pumps combined with geothermal energy means that the building meets the objective of high comfort combined with low primary energy consumption. The energy bar makes it possible to share loads between the various uses and the necessary heat and cooling demands are met by heat exchangers. A proportion of glazing in the façade which is optimised in terms of orientation, 200 m2 of solar panels and the use of well water for cooling make key contributions to the reduction of the use of primary energy.

According to air measurements the exclusive retail area and the five-star hotel have high internal air quality and very low levels of contaminants. Highly efficient lighting with central switching and a modulating volume air controlled ventilation plant with directly operated fans lead to both continuous monitoring and an optimal building performance. 

Design Shopping Center Stilwerk

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