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New Research Building

Vienna, 29th January 2015 – The German pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim has commissioned the construction of a new building for the Research Institute for Molecular Pathology (IMP) at the Vienna Biocenter in line with design from ATP Vienna. The design which “emerges like a three-dimensional barcode” (Wojciech Czaja in Der Standard, 04.02.2015) enabled ATP to win the competition ahead of a number of invited Austrian and German offices.

“The layout and sightlines of the new IMP allow users to meet between the levels”, explained the Overall Project Leader Andreas Aichholzer of ATP Vienna in an interview. “We were particularly inspired by research facilities in Oxford and Cambridge which we visited and analyzed for precisely this reason before we started design work.

The requirements for the new building for the institute were an improved infrastructure, flexibility and opportunities for communication. “Architecture that eases and supports informal communication is important for research”, emphasis Harald Isemann, Commercial Director of the IMP.

The new building measures around 15,000 square meters and contains state-of-the-art laboratory zones and offices for the 250 researchers, a large lecture theatre and a cafeteria. A connecting bridge enables the entire infrastructure to be used by adjacent facilities. A resource-saving energy concept in which a large proportion of the energy used is recycled was developed in integrated cooperation with ATP sustain.


Research Institute for Molecular Pathology IMP
Boehringer Ingelheim
Vienna Biocenter

Press article in Der Standard, 04.02.2015
Short movie about new IMP research building virtually 

Visualization: ATP/Telegram
ATP Vienna won the competition with this “three-dimensional” barcode. Visualization: ATP/Telegram
Visualization: ATP/Telegram
A five-story atrium provides a towering space around which offices and laboratories are grouped. ATP/Telegram

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