Timber Building Award 2014

Recognition for ATP Vienna and the G3 Shopping Resort Gerasdorf 

Korneuburg, 19th May 2014 – The shopping center with the spectacular roof construction brought recognition to ATP at the

Lower Austria Timber Building Awards 2014.
The timber wave-shaped roof measuring around 20.000 square meters floats above the 20 meter high and 500 meter long mall of the “eco shopping center”. It forms part of a six hectare landscape of timber roofs which is supported by 710 columns of up to 20 meters high. G3 was long considered Europe’s largest timber building site.

The spectacular structure of the timber roof is made out of laminated timber beams measuring up to 80 meters in length and columns of up to 20 meters in height. All the elements - including the solid timber roofing elements (BSPH), laminated timber beams (BSH) and reinforced concrete and steel columns - form part of an integrated spatial system.

The flat roof, on which it is also planned to create a 3.000 square meter bird and insect habitat, contains 11.500 m3 of timber. The CO2 contained in the timber represents a reduction of emissions of 23.000 tons.

Timber Building Award (Holzbaupreis)

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G3 Shopping Resort
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