2012-05-31 Real Estate Brand Award 2012

ATP architects engineers was rated the most valuable brand for the Austrian real estate industry in the ARCHITECTS category.

Vienna, 1st June, 2012 –ATP architects engineers was named for the second year running as the best architecture brand, despite a shortlist of prominent Austrian architectural offices including such names as CoopHimmelb(l)au, Boris Prodrecca Architekt, BEHF, Neumann+Partner Architekten Ingenieure, Atelier 23 and Soyka/ Silber/ Soyka.

As part of the Real Estate Brand Award Gala in Wolke 19 in the Ares Tower, the European Association for the Monitoring of Real Estate Brands (EUGIMB) named the most valuable Austrian Real Estate Brands in ten different categories. ATP architects engineers received the award in the “Architecture” category.

The winner was determined via a two-stage on-line survey of more than 5.000 real estate professionals. The first stage assessed brand awareness, with all companies with awareness levels of over 75% coming into a second stage which looked at positioning, identity and quality. The Real Estate Brand Potential Index was then used to draw up a mathematical rating of brand value.

ATP’s 450 architects and engineers see themselves as integrated designers with a broad partnership structure and interdisciplinary working methods. This identity is lived out by ATP every day. The ATP brand is communicated and made accessible in the company culture and activities.

The ATP brand stands for the constant perfecting and executing of the role of the architect as the universally-educated leader of the design and execution process and, hence, for the willingness to accept responsibility. In a time of ever scarcer resources, we need new ways of acting sustainably – in the design of  our environment as much as in other areas. By seeking to achieve optimal quality with minimal use of resources, we are supporting the emergence of an ecological and socially responsible building culture for future generations. Our vision: We want to positively change our world with excellent buildings.


Real Estate Brand Award 2012

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