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lifeline establishes new standards for advising building owners and clients in the health sector.

Bonn, 1st January 2015 – At the beginning of this year, ATP took the logical next step in its strategy of establishing a comprehensive range of consultancy and design services in the hospital and care sector. “The Company for Organizational Planning in the Health Sector ”, which is independent from the parent company, was established in order to finally realize the idea of offering specialized consultancy services in the field which began with the creation of a “consultancy” specialism within ATP health in 2014.

lifeline examines processes with the objective of first creating and then benefiting from opportunities to work directly with the  architects and engineers of ATP health as a way of generating invaluable added value for building owners and clients. Processes can be designed and reorganized in such a way that they have a direct and positive effect on not only the quality of service provided by a facility but also its lifecycle costs. Technical and infrastructural issues can be recognized and the effects of these on processes determined and brought under control.

The cooperation with ATP operates on the basis of ATP’s integrated design approach. In ideal cases, organizational planning analyses are a key element of the integrated design process. This is fully in line with the basic requirement that the planning process must constantly focus on the user’s core processes.  

The well-practiced and results-oriented combination of consultancy and planning becomes particularly important in acute facilities. Here, the complexity of the services which are to be provided required the development of suitable concepts for treatment and care in a flexible infrastructure. Such questions must also be asked and answered in the future.

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Prozess Organisationsanalyse und Reorganisation

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