2012-02-16 klima:aktiv and the ÖGNB Building Quality Certificate for aspern IQ

The technology centre has received the maximum possible number of points in the klima:aktiv certification process and has also been awarded the ÖGNB Building Quality Certificate.

Vienna, 16th February 2012 - aspern IQ was awarded the preliminary certificate (Design Phase) at the bauZ congress of the Vienna construction fair. The technology centre is the first Plus Energy commercial building in Austria.

The klima:aktiv quality certificate can be awarded to residential and commercial buildings across Austria which meet the highest standards for energy efficiency, the quality of design and execution, materials and construction, comfort and internal environment. The building “combines the highest energetic and ecological standards with professional execution and therefore fulfils the requirements of a klima:aktiv passive building“.

aspern IQ has additionally been awarded the TQB (Total Quality Building) certificate of the ÖGNB, because, as a Plus Energy Building, it “is adapted to the resources available locally and offers optimum user comfort”, meaning that it meets “all sustainability requirements”.



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