21st International Industrial Building Seminar

The title of this year's edition of the biennial expert symposium of the TU Vienna is "Building Information Modeling for Life Cycle Structures".

Ecological, economic and social decisions about the use of resources in buildings accompany these buildings throughout their life. Building Information Modeling (BIM) Systems are new in that they offer us new possibilities for making such decisions during the earliest design phases of a building. As a design tool, BIM has the potential to decisively shift the design process in the direction of integrated design. This new relationship between technology, process and people creates new challenges.

The seminar will be opened by a keynote presentation from Tobias Nolte, a director of Gehry Technologies, the technology company of Star Architect Frank Gehry. The subsequent lectures will focus on seven specific aspects of Building Information Modeling. Architects and engineers, academics and end-users from a number of areas will spend the two days discussing the status and the future of this design revolution.

This year offers the unique opportunity to experience at first hand the networking of building and design by combining the seminar with a visit to the LCM Bau Symposium 2013 (7th PM Building Symposium) "Innovative Trends in Life Cycle Management“  on 12th June. 

Opening on 12th June 2013
- From 19:00: Reception
- From 20:00: Keynote Lecture by Tobias Nolte, Festsaal, TU Vienna
Seminar: 13th/14th June 2013, Festsaal, TU Vienna

Chair: Professor DI Christoph M. Achammer, Assistant Professor Dr. DI Iva Kovacic

Information and Registration: www.industriebauseminar.at 

BIM for Life Cycle Structures
BIM for Life Cycle Structures

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