IKOM Bau 2015

ATP Stand at the TU in Munich

Munich, 21st January 2015 – This is the ninth year of IKOM Bau in Munich. IKOM Bau is a careers forum at which students of constructional and environmental engineering, architecture and surveying can establish contacts and obtain work experience positions and subjects for seminar papers and dissertations.

ATP Munich was also represented by a stand at the fair and many architects and engineers who will soon qualify visited the stand to collect information about Integrated Design. Konrad Ecker (Group Leader, Structural Engineering) and Gerd Maurer (Managing Director, Engineering) took the opportunity to inform them about career possibilities at ATP. Further individual interviews were arranged for the following weeks.

The students were impressed by the broad career opportunities and way of working offered by ATP. The ATP Academy was established by the company in order to offer its employees tailor-made educational programs. This ensures that the knowledge, project experience and social skills developed during ATP’s more than fifty years of existence can be comprehensively gathered and passed on by our employees themselves directly to the next generation.

Integrated Design is founded on the know-how of the approximately 550 specialists in the ATP network. Well trained employees are thus an unavoidable pre-condition for ATP’s fulfillment of its core commercial responsibility.

ATP Academy

Photo: ATP/Maurer
The structural engineer Konrad Ecker at the very popular ATP Stand. Photo: ATP/Maurer
Photo: ATP/Maurer
Gerd Maurer tells interested students about career opportunities at ATP. Photo: ATP/Maurer

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