Maximarkt = Showcase project

proHolz Salzburg organizes an excursion to exemplary timber buildings

Anif, 11th November 2014 – As part of a “round trip” through the Province of Salzburg proHolz invited interested participants to visit some of the best timber buildings in the region and exchange ideas with architects and clients.

First stop on the tour was Maximarkt in Anif. The prize-winning design for an environmentally-friendly shopping center by ATP architect Andrei Florian was a further development of the “Corporate Architecture for Maximarkt” developed by ATP in 2002.

“With its 6,000 square meters of retail space, the supermarket is a showcase project for timber engineering and shows how well good architecture and modern timber construction can work together. Well thought through constructional solutions lend the entire roof structure a very light appearance and offer visitors to the center an airy and pleasant feeling as they shop.” (proHolz Salzburg)

ATP’s structural engineers designed the entire building using a grid system in which even the fire protection concept was integrated. Only in this way was it possible to realize an open space without a fire protection wall.

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proHolz Salzburg

Photo: proHolz Salzburg/Jessner
ATP architect Andrei Florian explains the Maximarkt concept to the excursion participants. Photo: proHolz Salzburg/Jessner
Photo: proHolz Salzburg/Jessner
The structure of the Maximarkt timber roof. Photo: proHolz Salzburg/Jessner

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