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ATPsphere wins the competition for the new school complex in Holzgau

Holzgau, November 2014 – The design by ATP sphere for a building which brings together the school, kindergarten, nursery, after-school facilities and gymnasium under one roof was the unanimous winner of an invited single-phase competition.

In line with the requirements for a childcare facility, the design focuses on the flexible use of the spaces. The open, timber-built center slips harmonically into the rural setting and enjoys a close relationship with the village of Holzgau. The adjacent “Alpine Park” provides all ages with a rich range of experiences.

The group rooms for childcare at ground floor level can be flexibly used and offer the children a range of spatial experiences. Primarily glass façades offer views to the youngest children as well as visibly drawing the exterior deep into the spaces: The wide, seat-height window sills allow the children to view what is happening outside. A large open-air play area widens the options of the new childcare facility.

The primary school at first floor level contains not only classrooms and workrooms but also a number of external areas which are oriented to the various learning areas.

Construction should start in early 2015 with completion due in January 2016.



Press article Tiroler Tageszeitung, 07.11.2014 (pdf; 1.06 MB)

Visualization: sonaar
Dominated by timber and glass: the new childcare and school center in Holzgau "Alpine Park". Visualization: sonaar
Visualization: sonaar
Generous glass façades allow the external space to be experienced from within. Visualization: sonaar

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