"Hidden Champions" prize for ATP

ATP is one of Europe’s top three in the design sector.

Vienna, 24th June 2014 ATP was honored with the title “Austrian Hidden Champion 3.0” during the Export Day of the Austrian Economic Chambers (WKÖ). The WKÖ presents the award to companies which render outstanding service to the Austrian economy through their leading position on the international market, their sustainable corporate philosophy and their high level of innovation and interaction.

“Hidden Champions are often”, in the words of the laudation of WKÖ President Christoph Leitl, “companies whose excellent products and services place them amongst the global leaders in a particular market and the top service providers on a European or global scale…” These are companies who can point to their major contribution to Austrian exports and show other companies how to successfully conquer new export markets and exploit global potential. “This is down not only to the economic strength of a company but also to its commitment to sustainability – because it is the question of “how” which will principally determine if our economy will also be successful in future” added Leitl.

With five offices in the DACH Region (its Innsbruck headquarters, Vienna, Zurich, Frankfurt and Munich) and three offices in the CEE Region the ATP Group is active across Europe. As a pioneer in the field of integrated design, ATP’s 520 employees generate annual fee turnover of 62 million euros while managing an investment volume (design) of 2.700 million euros.

 Several criteria for defining “Hidden Champions”:

Predominantly Austrian ownership (and Austrian HQ)
European or global market leader (Top 5 globally or Top 3 in Europe).
Minimum turnover of 15 million euros
Responsible approach to the use of natural resources; Investment in new processes
Promotion of a critical public dialogue, use of social media
Encouragement of employees to introduce and realize their own ideas.
High equity ratio and long-term high productivity level

Information about the event from the WKÖ



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