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Christoph M. Achammer discussed the topic "Integrated Design and BIM - a Contradiction?"

Vienna, 22nd October 2013 – PORREAL’s latest quarterly real talk featured a round table discussion on the subject “Integrated Design and BIM – a Contradiction?” ATP CEO Christoph M. Achammer took part in the conversation alongside representatives from the architectural, construction and real estate industries. He sees BIM as an ideal tool for supporting the integrated design which is, in turn, essential for the design of lifecycle-oriented and sustainable buildings. For him, integrated thinking is the key to unlocking the possibilities of BIM. Integrated design also prevents waste, emphasized Achammer. “Whether on paper or computer, integrated design helps to lower costs while improving both efficiency and quality. The current potential level of waste on the building site is at least 30% - a figure which can be dramatically reduced by integrated design.” (

BIM is more than a software. It brings architects and engineers together with project managers, builders and, finally, facilities managers. All relevant data is collected in the system and presented in the form of a virtual model of the building. The method ensures that all project participants are working with uniform criteria as a way of ensuring that the project has a “common language” which will continue to be used and developed after the completion of the building. This means that BIM – in the common opinion of the experts at the PORREAL real talk - is an ongoing process, which both brings numerous advantages and certain risks.

As well as being an integrated design pioneer, ATP is - as an architectural and engineering office – a pioneer in the use and further development of new technologies such as BIM, which has been used by all ATP offices since 2007.

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