Topping out ceremony

Integrated design by ATP Munich for the IN-Tower offers Ingolstadt a new landmark.

Ingolstadt, 19th December 2017 – More than 200 guests at the topping-out ceremony of the IN-Tower celebrated the completion of the roof of the residential high-rise building. Florian Beck, Head of Design of ATP Munich, then joined Mayor Christian Lösel, Kai-Uwe Ludwig, Managing Director of the developers 6B47, and the General Contractor Winfried Praller from Markgraf on a tour of the shell of the 50-meter-high tower with its spectacular view across Ingolstadt and as far as the Alps.

The architect Florian Beck heads the Design and Research Studio at ATP Munich. He speaks of a current development in residential building in Germany which is embodied in the constructional approach of the IN-Tower: “In Germany’s cities the residential tower is undergoing a renaissance. Around 100 are currently being designed or built. It is great that Ingolstadt is even spearheading this movement in the shape of the IN-Tower! This is certainly not just a fashionable trend but a project which is considered well-thought-out by all those involved.”

The division to build the In-Tower represents a new direction for urban development in Ingolstadt. The building is the city’s first residential tower and its slender silhouette and characteristic white balconies provide a clear accent in both urban design and architectural terms. “The IN-Tower is Ingolstadt’s new landmark. The architecture, the location, and the city – a more-or-less unbeatable combination”, is how Kai-Uwe Ludwig, the CEO of 6B47 describes the effect of the IN-Tower.

Mayor Christian Lösel is also full of praise for the visionary project. For him, the IN-Tower is even playing a pioneering role in residential provision in the city. The 6,100 m2 site will be home to 80 upscale freehold apartments with generous views across the old town and 1,100 m2 of commercial space.

Topping-out ceremony for the IN-Tower, (right to left: Johannes Sattler, Andre Lyashenko, Ershade Shahangi, Florian Schindler, Thomas Hammelmann, Jürgen Kurz. Florian Beck). Photo: 6B47

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