The art of façade design

Opening of a new office building by BG BAU

Munich, 13th June 2018 – The opening of the new offices of the “Berufsgenossenschaft der Bauwirtschaft” (BG BAU) and the simultaneous unveiling of the newly refurbished façade of the organization’s existing building in Munich-Pasing turn the spotlight on the special profession of the façade designer. Michael Beck, ATP Munich’s façade specialist, has developed a harmonious external appearance for the Berufsgenossenschaft’s enlarged complex. “The overall impression of the building ensemble is strengthened by the correspondingly refurbished façade of the existing office,” explained ATP’s lead project manager, describing the design process.

Commissioned with the integrated design of the project, ATP Munich planned an efficient administration building consisting of office and meeting spaces, a canteen, and an adequate number of car parking spaces in an underground garage. In addition to this, ATP was asked to refurbish the façade (7,000 m2) of the existing 12-story building from the 1970s without interrupting the normal operation of the building.

In order to create a uniform external effect for the ensemble the focus of the façade design was a high-quality appearance. A key element of the two façades is a white artificial stone that lends both buildings a clear structure. In line with the client’s desire to create a façade that is both high quality and economic it also makes use of durable aluminum windows and a virtually maintenance-free façade structure.

(from left) ATP-object monitoring by Daniel Thie (construction) and Karin Tismer (technical engineering). Photo: ATP
Both new and existing buildings are wrapped with alternating strips of metal and glass and large-pored white artificial stone. Photo: Leuschner

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