Standardization as the task of this century

Lars Oberwinter on the podium at the BIM congress in Berlin

Berlin, 15th May 2019 – the platform invited interested parties to its BIM Congress in Berlin with the objective of soothing company’s fears of BIM and showing them the many benefits of highly promising data models.

The BIM specialist Lars Oberwinter of Plandata BIM Solutions was a highly welcome guest among the 44 top-quality speakers. In his lecture “BIM DNA – The management of parameters and attributes in times without standardization” the Managing Director of Plandata spoke about strategies and methods for handling object-based information management in BIM. “It is precisely the digital, object-based way of working that demands a simplified data structure”, he explained during his lecture. “The task that must be performed now – of defining the attributes of all building objects for all design, executional, and operating phases of buildings – is one of the key tasks of this century.” However, dealing with such a wealth of data requires international standards. “By developing an approach to standardization and developing the related characteristic server Austria has already made a great leap forwards”, states Lars Oberwinter. “And at least a start has also been made in Germany to the process of defining the classification in the shape of the VDI 2552-9 Guideline. But BIM still has a long road ahead of itself here.”

BIM at ATP architects engineers
After many years of research and development in the area of digital design, ATP has been modeling all its projects with BIM since 2012. This process represents all architectural, technical, physical, and functional characteristics of a building in a central, digital twin. ATP was and remains deeply involved in the design and implementation of the Austrian BIM norm (ÖNORM A 6241)

Lars Oberwinter (right) on the importance of standardization for the efficient use of BIM in design. Photo: Hans Scherhaufer, with kind recommendation of HUSS-MEDIEN GmbH

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