Rethinking lifecycle

Christoph M. Achammer takes a broader view

Vienna, 11th December 2018 – Mobility, networks and scarce resources are the main focuses of IG Lebenszyklus Bau for 2019. In order to present these objectives to the public the organization invited a prominent panel featuring ATP CEO Christoph M. Achammer, Siegfried Gierlinger (TU AKH), Walter Hammertinger (IC Projektentwicklung), and Steffen Robbi (AIT). The critical discussion focused on new approaches to and the further development of the lifecycle idea.

“All the parameters that we have analyzed so far under the abbreviation K.O.P.T (Culture, Organization, Process, and Technology) become a much greater challenge when we look beyond the individual building,” explained Christoph M. Achammer during the podium discussion as he announced his readiness “even to address sacred cows from the organizational, cultural, and technological perspective.” 

The K.O.P.T model uses clearly defined guidelines to describe how successful project work can still take place in an increasingly dynamic, networked, and digitalized real estate world. The parameters developed so far by IG Lebenszyklus will be adapted in 2019 to permit a results- and lifecycle-oriented approach to the building infrastructure. The objective is to reduce the potential for waste at the three levels of sustainability – “economical, ecological, and sociocultural” – with the starting point being the lifecycle-oriented building and its environment.

Lifecycle as an affair of the heart

As a founding partner of the IGLZ, Christoph M. Achammer has dedicated himself to supporting the objectives of IG Lebenszyklus Bau since 2012 – since 2016 in the role of Honorary President. “It is important to me that we no longer think about the building and its lifecycle in isolation but, rather, that we address its interaction with its environment and, hence, with all those structures that are created and influenced by buildings. I have announced my readiness to return to the board in order to tackle this expanded remit,” said Achammer.

ATP CEO Christoph M. Achammer on the further development of the lifecycle idea. Photo: IG Lebenszyklus
Numerous visitors to the 2nd event for members and friends of IG Lebenszyklus. Photo: IG Lebenszyklus

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