Opening community center

ATP HAID designed the new center for the Evangelical Church in Wilhermsdorf in Franconia.

Wilhermsdorf, 22nd September 2019 – The opening of the new parish center for the evangelical community, which followed around six years of design and building work, coincided with the church’s Autumn Fair.

“We were able to create a new, inviting, and multifunctional meeting place in the heart of Wilhermsdorf in close cooperation with the parish council, the construction committee, and the church community”, reported Rudolf Bromberger, construction manager at ATP HAID. In a symbolic act he handed over the key to the visibly delighted Pastor Christian von Rotenhan. The more than 120 guests were also full of praise. The new building is a ‘total work of art’ and a special place where all people can come together, said the deacon Ursula Brecht. 

The refurbishment and building work became necessary because the original four buildings of the complex no longer met current demands either spatially or in terms of safety, disabled access, and energy efficiency. ATP HAID was commissioned to carry out a thermal refurbishment of these buildings, combine them into a center, adapt them for barrier-free, communal uses, add a parish hall and group rooms, and create a house for the family of the pastor on the central market place. In addition to this, an open, green courtyard, which invites parishioners to meet after the service or hold small gatherings, was created in the angle formed by the new wing.

Construction manager and architect Rudolf Bromberger, ATP HAID, symbolically presents the key to the Pastor Christian von Rotenhan. Photo: ATP/Wang
Wilhermsdorf Parish Center. Photo: ATP/Wang

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