Office of the Year 2017

The "Office of the Future" by ATP Innsbruck reached the final

Vienna, 25th January 2018 – Well-thought-through office design captures the attention. Every year the real estate service provider CBRE honors the best-designed offices of successful Austrian companies. The "Office of the Future" by ATP Innsbruck was one of the finalists in the category "medium- and large-sized companies". Klaus Hessenberger accepted the "Office of the Year Award" on behalf of ATP Innsbruck: "The selection of the remodeled office on the second floor of our Innsbruck headquarters as one of the finalists is a remarkable success. We find ourselves in the company of the major office complexes of such other competition participants as Post, ÖAMTC, and Coca Cola."

Office spaces that optimally support the core process of the client not only simplify working processes but also enormously improve the efficiency and creativity of employees. As a specialist for administration buildings ATP recognized the advantages of optimized office space at any early date and applied this knowledge to its own offices. In 2015 a vacant space in ATP's headquarters in Innsbruck was designed in such a way that it could act as a prototype in order to support integrated design at all ATP offices. Now known as the "Office of the Future" this project led to tighter working processes, improved multidisciplinary communication, and increased employee comfort.

Office of the Year 2017: Klaus Hessenberger (ATP Innsbruck) and Bianca Glos (CBRE). Photo: CBRE
The "Office of the Future" is a finalist. Photo: ATP/Klingler

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