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Dario Travaš addresses the Croatian sustainability conference

Zagreb, 24th October 2018 – The demand for sustainable building is the guiding principle of the Croatia Green Building Council (CGBC), which invited leading sustainability experts to a discussion in the Hotel Esplanade as part of its Green Building and Sustainable Development Conference. In a presentation entitled “Planning Processes in Sustainable Architecture” Dario Travaš, ATP Partner in Zagreb, spoke to the plenary session about solutions for “green buildings” and argued convincingly that “the only way to create a sustainable building today is by using integrated design.”

Sustainability at ATP
ATP architects engineers takes the demand for sustainability very seriously. With 40 years’ experience of interdisciplinary cooperation, ATP is a sectoral leader in the provision of integrated design from a single source. All the participants in the design process work simultaneously and interdisciplinarily to develop the most innovative and sustainable solutions for clients. The results of the work of the research company ATP sustain enable the latest systemic and technological developments to flow into the integrated design process.

The objective of the Croatia Green Building Council (CGBC) – founded in 2009 – is to make a leading contribution to the transformation of the Croatian construction and real estate market in the direction of sustainability. To this end, the non-profit organization supports environmentally-friendly building programs and technologies. Annual symposia, conferences and workshops help to both provide and spread information about sustainable building. The Green Building and Sustainable Development Conference is the annual general meeting on the subject of “Sustainable Building”. This year’s conference included over 50 speakers from the fields of “green building”, green electricity, transport,and sustainable development.

f. l.: Arn Willens, Chairman of the Board, GTC Hrvatska, Vjekoslav Vicković, CEO, YTONG, Christine Lemaitre, CEO, DGNB, Petra Škevin, Director, HPB Nekretnine, Herwig Heegewaldt, Head of Construction Chemicals, BASF, Dario Travaš, ATP Partner in Zagreb, Richard Teichmann, CEO, Meridian 16 Business Park. Photo: CRC STUDIO
Dario Travaš, ATP Partner in Zagreb, on the podium at the Green Building and Sustainable Development Conference. Photo: CRC STUDIO

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