Grand Opening

ATP Zurich, fabsolutions and Mint Architecture open new offices in Zurich West.

Zurich, 5th July 2019 – The ATP sister companies ATP Zurich and Mint Architecture marked the relocation to their new offices in Zurich West on Thursday evening in the form of a Grand Opening. The event took place in the spirit of the future and new experiences, in an atmosphere of dialogue and enthusiasm.

The visitors to ATP Zurich had the opportunity to get to know integrated design with BIM and to tour the digital twin of a building with the help of virtual reality glasses. The keynote address by ATP CEO Christoph M. Achammer and the interview with Matthias Wehrle, ATP’s partner in Zurich, and Peter Roth, CEO of Mint Architecture, offered the public exciting insights into the challenges of digitalization in an increasingly complex building sector. The futurologist and CEO of the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, David Bosshart, spoke about how we will consume, work and live in 20 years – a subject that gave the public plenty of inspiring material for discussion.

Strong partners for complex and challenging construction projects
Another beneficiary of this coming together is the ATP consulting company fabsolutions, which also shares the new location. The consultants to the food industry can now be found side-by-side with ATP’s Swiss designers in the state-of-the-art studios. And the specialists for experience and user-oriented architecture from Mint Architecture, which has also been a member of the ATP Group since 2019, are now also very close neighbors. The result is that builders of complex buildings and projects in Switzerland now have access to our interdisciplinary teams, which are made up from more than 90 experts from the fields of architecture and engineering, interior design, economics, and market analysis.

Competence center for integrated design with BIM
ATP Zurich’s relocation to the open office spaces which are spatially optimized for the implementation of integrated design with BIM comes at just the right time because the federal “Digital Switzerland” strategy of designing all federal real estate projects with BIM from 2021 is currently giving a clear boost to digitalization in the Swiss building sector. Designing in digital models has been part of the everyday working reality of ATP since 2012. As a competence center for integrated design with BIM ATP Zurich can now exploit the tangible digitalization boom in the interests of its Swiss clients.

News addresses

ATP architects engineers (Zurich)/fabsolutions
Hardturmstrasse 101
8005 Zürich

Mint Architecture
Förrlibuckstrasse 150
8005 Zürich

From left: Thomas Stiefel (partner of Mint Architecture), Kees van Elst (partner of Mint Architecture), Christoph M. Achammer (CEO of ATP architects engineers), Matthias Wehrle (partner of ATP in Zurich), Peter Roth (CEO of Mint Architecture). ATP/Mint/Soland
Christoph M. Achammer on the increasing importance of integrated design with BIM. Front left: The futurologist David Bosshart of the CEO Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute. Photo: ATP/Mint/Soland
The partners want to tackle the challenges posed by the increasingly complex construction industry together. Photo: ATP/Mint/Soland
Guest speaker and futurologist David Bosshart, CEO Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute. Photo: ATP/Mint/Soland
Christoph Zaugg, Managing Director of fabsolutions together with ATP CEO Christoph M. Achammer and ATP partner Matthias Wehrle. Photo: ATP/Mint/Soland

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