Girteka Campus

ATP wins the international design competition for a new headquarter in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Vilnius, 17th April 2019 - ATP has won the international architectural competition for the design of the new global headquarters of the major Lithuanian logistics company Girteka. The campus design by the team led by Dario Travaš, ATP Partner in Zagreb and Head of Design in Vienna, was successful against five further competitors.

"We are delighted with our 1st place in the international competition and, in addition to this, to be able to participate in this project of superlatives. This is not only a major milestone for the investors and designers but also for Vilnius as a location," said Travaš during the ceremonial signing of the contract which already represented the launch of the project.

The design was well received because it wasn't dominated by the usual "logistics look" and yet it still didn't "fall out of line:" Laid out in a green parkland landscape the projected buildings - an ensemble of offices, trucker service station, shopping center, and parking - are laid out in a grid and thus meet all the requirements of a modern, functional, and economical logistics campus.

Upon opening the complex will bring together around 2,500 employees from a number of locations and prepare the ground for the further expansion of Europe's largest fleet operator.


ATP’s design for the new global corporate headquarters convinced the logistics giant. Visualization: ATP
Dario Travas, ATP Partner and Head of Design (Vienna) with Laurynas Kuzavas, CEO of SIRIN Development. Photo: Kęstutis Garbonis
We’re off! The developers (SIRIN Development) and designers (ATP and subcontractor SWECO) at the ceremonial signing of the contract. Photo: Kęstutis Garbonis

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