Expansion by a producer of baked goods

The ATP consulting company Fabsolutions is advising the Swiss biscuit manufacturers HUG on the expansion of its production facility.

Malters, 19th November 2018 – Hug AG held a small event on Monday to mark the groundbreaking ceremony for a bakery expansion project that is being accompanied by Fabsolutions. The upgrade was made necessary by the merging of the production activities of WERNLI in Trimbach and HUG in Malters.

Fabsolutions oversaw the preliminary work to the major project in line with initial studies carried out internally by HUG. In the role of external consultant Christoph Zaugg, Managing Director of the ATP consulting company for factory design, led the design team that was assembled by HUG and consisted of a local architect and HVAC, electrical, and structural engineers as it developed the construction project. As soon as this had been submitted the architect assumed responsibility for the tender and execution design.

Given that the restricted story heights of the existing building are being retained in the extension in order to avoid hindering the flow of materials the coordination of the individual trades will be a challenge. For this reason the designers have already selected the Open BIM method. Hence, we have remodeled the existing process lines in Revit and entered the positions of the media connections, including all dimensional and pipework information. This ensures that the list of plant is an integral component of the Revit plant model”, explains Zaugg.

The initial coordination round is currently taking place in which the exchange of data is enabling potential problems to be identified and then removed. Fabsolutions is also advising the project team from HUG AG in the further project phases as well as designing subprojects in the fields of processing plant and logistics.

The project being professionally supported by Fabsolutions is part of a program of investment by the Lucerne producers of baked goods worth a total of CHF 60 million. The commissioning of the bakery is scheduled for 2020.

Groundbreaking ceremony with confectionery spades – start of work on the expansion of the bakery. Photo: HUG/Studhalter
A section through the extension. Photo: ATP/fabsolutions

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