Digital Leaders in Architecture

Albert Achammer, Managing Director of ATP Hamburg, demands an integrated design approach rather than “silo thinking”.

Hamburg, 26th November 2020 – The series of events “Digital Leaders in Architecture” invites pioneering thinkers from the field of architecture to present smart projects and new tools and (digital) workflows that seek to create more efficiency and digitalization in their everyday work. The speakers invited to address the November event in the Schüco showroom in Berlin on the subject of Smart Buildings were ATP Hamburg Managing Director Albert Achammer and the project developer Dirk Dittrich from EDGE technologies. The event and discussion were moderated by Inga Stein Barthelmes from the Hauptverband der Deutschen Bauindustrie e.V.

Via smart design to better buildings
In his lecture, Albert Achammer shed light on smart buildings from the designer’s perspective and offered insights into ATP’s own integrated way of working with BIM. In doing so, he underlined his conviction that the increasing complexity of buildings demands the complex cooperation of all participants. “Without dialog, without a sense of commitment between the actors, and without a passion for the overall result, every project launched today is condemned to fail,” says Achammer.
The increasing specialization and limited willingness of some designers to go beyond the interfaces between individual services is seen by Albert Achammer as the false choice. Smart buildings demand a cultural change, away from silo thinking and towards an all-encompassing, integrated approach.

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    Complex buildings demand smarter, more integrated design. Graphic:
    Complex buildings demand smarter, more integrated design. Graphic:

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